(Un)learning: Change the way you think. Change the way you act.

SSE Founder Michael Young was known for saying that “everybody has the capacity to be remarkable.” While this satement captures the ethos of the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), what drove Michael Young to create SSE is a concern that not everyone is born with the same access to conditions for success. As a former student told us, “I feel like the world has drawn a box around me and where I’m allowed to go. I’m not allowed out of that world without permission.” This participant doesn’t face a physical barrier, but a mental one. SSE helps people break through the cultural, social and community assumptions and beliefs that have fenced people in, keeping them from true freedom. Keeping them from reaching their true potential. We focus at the deepest level because without this we can’t achieve transformative change personally, interpersonally and in society.

(Un)learning is the perspective we take, the framework we use and the model that guides how we develop our programming. We aim to help people understand their own thinking and be able to change the way they think. By changing their thinking, they can change the way they act to create any future they want for themselves and create a future that’s better for all.

(Un)learning programs help people develop 21st Century competencies and build their leadership capacity.

We help people:
– Understand their own thinking and learning and give them tools to enhance their capacity to make decisions that will help them achieve long-term success
– Challenge their limiting beliefs and build self-confidence and resilience to create new models of economic and social growth that are inclusive and good for all people, not just those in the power majority
– Learn how to solve problems that affect them and their community, based on their own valuable lived experience; the best solutions for social issues come from people that have lived those issues
– Develop a competency that will help them adapt to any situation, a desperate need in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. This competency can help them create a future they want for themselves
– Work on meaningful entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial projects, helping them develop their skills and networks to create long-term economic opportunities for themselves and others.

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