Social Intrapreneur Fellowship – Program Details

We do learning differently, so much so that we call it “un-learning”. SSE has a finely-tuned, and award-winning approach to supporting social change leaders which includes:

Real-World Projects

Students undertake a project of their choice within their organizations that is aligned to their goals for social or environmental progress. For those that are passionate about making a positive impact, but haven’t identified a project to work on, we can help you find something you are passionate about tackling.

SSE fellows not only apply their classroom and self-directed learning to their projects, but they also enjoy exceptional opportunities to reflect on what they are doing. This reflection helps students gain insights and develop new skills, attitudes, and ways of thinking.

Witness/Expert Sessions

There is great value in learning from people who have walked the walk. SSE invites a mix of established practitioners and experts into the classroom to support the learning and development of our students.


Students will have a mentor to support them throughout the program and for at least six months post Fellowship. We encourage fellows to secure their own mentor, but SSE can assist in mentor matching when a student doesn’t have someone who can serve in this role.

Site Visit

Where can you find Intrapreneurs? We will take a field trip to learn more about how companies and other established organizations are embracing innovation and supporting their Intrapreneurs.

Action Learning

A staple of all SSE programs, students will participate in four Action Learning sessions. Action Learning is a very powerful, peer coaching approach to problem solving that is used extensively in the UK and US, and is starting to gain momentum in Canada. Fellows tell us this unique coaching approach is one of the most valuable parts of SSE programs.

Intrapreneurial Challenge

There will be an opportunity for students to put into practice what they’ve learned in the program in a real-world scenario. More information about the challenge will be shared in the program.


Through our partnership with the League of Intrapreneurs, SSE is able to offer a variety of tools and resources developed globally over years for and by Intrapreneurs. In addition, each student will receive their own Social Intrapreneur’s Survive and Thrive Kit that will support their work between class sessions.

Program Schedule (TBC)