Social Intrapreneur Fellowship – Questions & Answers

How do I apply?

Great question! We’re so happy that you’re interested in this program, however, applications are now closed for the 2016 cohort. Please send us an email at letting us know that you are interested and we’ll make sure that you are the first (along with a few others) to find out about our next cohort.

How does SIF set me up for success?

SSE programs are designed to inspire students and help them become the social change agents they want to be. Many of our students say that being in an SSE program is a transformational experience. In fact, 100% of respondents to an anonymous survey for SSE’s flagship program, the Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, said they would recommend SSE to their peers.

SIF is a fairly new program, launched in Canada in 2015 and developed based on the core strengths of our Social Entrepreneur Fellowship (SEF) and the work done by the international League of Intrapreneurs (LOI). SIF helps students develop their intrapreneurial skills and build their leadership potential. As with all SSE programs, the focus is on the person’s individual growth, not simply on the venture or project. We believe in people and helping them become a force for good in the world.

What if I don’t have an idea?

Do you want to create a positive social change in your community? Then contact us at or 647-775-8146 and we can discuss whether SIF is right for you.

Many prospective students worry about trying to launch a social idea at their workplace, because they’re unsure they’ll succeed. SSE recognizes that “failure” is a healthy part of the learning journey, and focuses on building students’ long-term potential for leadership in any social venture they launch or job they take.

We focus on the social intrapreneur and developing the skills they will need to contribute to society no matter what path they choose.

Who is SIF for?

SIF is for anyone with a dream to create positive social or environmental change from within their organization. It’s also for people from all professional areas or stage of career development. Anyone within an organization can be a social intrapreneur if they have the drive, enthusiasm, and curiosity to coax their workplace into new ways of thinking.

SSE Ontario is not a conventional school, and its competitive admission process is not traditional either. We seek students with the grit and determination to succeed, the empathy to serve, and the integrity and vision to inspire.

If you have won a lot of academic prizes or achieved great grades, that’s wonderful. But if you haven’t, we’ll have no concern.

Being a social intrapreneur isn’t dependent on good grades, but rather on understanding how to develop an idea that has social impact, how to challenge yourself as a social innovator, and how to navigate institutional systems.

The best prerequisite is personal experience with the issues you’re trying to address and the organization you’re working in.

In short, SIF is best suited to people who:

  • Do not want a theoretical understanding of social impact, but rather a first-hand learning program;
  • Are willing to jump in and take considered risk to drive their social impact forward;
  • Have strong financial and personal support networks, noting that during the six months, you’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort for the success of your new idea; and,
  • Have capacity to attend every session and can work in a self-directed way outside of the dedicated program times.

Note that in 2016, SIF will focus on young social intrapreneurs 34 and under but we will seriously consider applications from older candidates. In future years, the program will widen its lens to intrapreneurs of all ages.

How much does the program cost?

In 2016, the expected student contribution to the SIF program will be $2,999. We were fortunate to have support from a variety of sources to develop and launch this program, and this is the final year we will offer this reduced rate.

The benefits of attending SIF will extend to your organization so we encourage you to talk to your manager or HR department about accessing professional development funds to support your participation.

SSE has a number of sponsorships and flexible payment plans available for those who need them. Please get in touch at if you want to know more.

What if I still have more questions?

Spoken like a true intrapreneur – they always have more questions. Join us at an Info Session on July 12 or July 19 contact us at

Make change from within your organization. Make change from within your organization.