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  • A Chat with Matthieu Bister, an SSE GEM

    21 Sep 2017

    Donors who sustain the School with monthly gifts are known as “Give Every Month” (GEM) donors. We interview Matthieu Bister about his decision to become SSE Ontario’s first ever GEM donor a few years ago.

  • Charles Povey: What We Learn from The Richard Branson of 17th Century England

    4 Aug 2017

    What can we learn from the story of Charles Povey, the visionary London-based social entrepreneur whose actions more than 300 years ago set the stage for long-standing collaboration between SSE and insurance giant RSA?

  • “Oh the Places They’ve Been”: Celebrating Intrapreneurial Journeys

    11 Apr 2017

    On Tuesday, March 28 at the Centre for Social Innovation "Garage", 18 inspiring students walked down a rainbow carpet to the end of one journey and the start of the next. Affectionately known as "Fellowbration", the event was a chance for the social intrapreneurial community to reflect.

  • The Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity Joins the SSE Family

    10 Apr 2017

    The School for Social Entrepreneurs is thrilled to announce that we have launched a new partnership with the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity (CCRC). Based in Blyth, Ontario, the CCRC is challenging the stereotype that small towns don’t know innovation.

  • RSA and SSE International Relationship Continues to Flourish

    6 Apr 2017

    On Tuesday March 28 at the graduation event of the Social Intrapreneur Fellowship 2016-17, RSA Canada announced that it will renew its relationship with SSE Ontario in 2017. RSA’s collaboration with SSE falls under its Thriving Communities corporate responsibility pillar which focuses on educating and inspiring future talent, supporting social entrepreneurs and dedicating time to causes its employees are passionate about. SSE Ontario is deeply grateful for RSA's generous and unabiding support.

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