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  • Mentoring Toward an Intergenerational Daycare

    21 Dec 2017

    Strong mentorship from someone outside of SSE gives new entrepreneurs much appreciated added confidence. Meet the mentoring trio of Colin Asselstine, Faye Giannelis and Diana Cotaras.

  • A Corporate Perspective on the Value of Working with Social Entrepreneurs

    21 Dec 2017

    Working with an ally like SSE, experts in “people-planet-profit” models, means that Corporate Social Responsibility programs can evolve beyond chequebook philanthropy to create meaningful change and win-win innovation.

  • Blazing Career Paths for Newcomers in the Green Economy

    12 Dec 2017

    Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Propeller Project and the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario have announced a unique collaboration designed to support the employment of Canadian newcomers in the rapidly expanding green economy. Together they will seek to create training opportunities and to blaze long-term career pathways in climate-ready industries like renewable energy and the management of more frequent natural disasters in Canada.

  • A Chat with Matthieu Bister, an SSE GEM

    21 Sep 2017

    Donors who sustain the School with monthly gifts are known as “Give Every Month” (GEM) donors. We interview Matthieu Bister about his decision to become SSE Ontario’s first ever GEM donor a few years ago.

  • Charles Povey: What We Learn from The Richard Branson of 17th Century England

    4 Aug 2017

    What can we learn from the story of Charles Povey, the visionary London-based social entrepreneur whose actions more than 300 years ago set the stage for long-standing collaboration between SSE and insurance giant RSA?

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