CSI Facebook Takeover: Intrapreneurship Legend Gifford Pinchot

24 Sep 2022

This is another installment from our series of articles in the CSI Facebook Takeover WeekIn this post, SSE Ontario’s Managing Director Marjorie Brans interviews intrapreneurial legend, Gifford Pinchot III, inventor of the term “intrapreneur”.


Gifford Pinchot interview Marjorie Brans 2015

Marjorie Brans and Gifford Pinchot

A man of many firsts, Gifford is the founder of both Pinchot University, the first university in the US to offer an MBA in sustainability, as well as the School for Intrapreneurs. https://youtu.be/ZPHS6GgNtSM

On a recent trip to Seattle, Marjorie had a chance to catch up with Gifford to learn what he had to say about how intrapreneurship has evolved, the special challenges and opportunities facing Canadian sustainability, and the pitfalls of the human brain.

Check out the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vwsbz3zfvI