The Social Intrapreneur Fellowship ’16-’17 Comes to an Inspirational Close

26 May 2018

By Chryssa Koulis ’13, SSE Ontario’s Director of Business for Good

This past weekend marked the last days of our second Social Intrapreneur Fellowship (SIF), a program aimed at providing social intrapreneurs with the tools, network, and confidence to make social change from within their organizations. For most people, the beginning of a program is filled with excitement and anticipation but surprisingly, this last weekend felt that way too.

Watch the SIF ’16-’17 Closing Video Here

The SIF 2016-17 Fellows are embarking on new adventures; just starting to explore what they can do and who they can be. They have joined the “community of the willing”, a term I heard used today by an intrapreneur on the other side of the globe.

When these students joined our program six months ago, they didn’t know that there was a label for people like them and they didn’t know there was a community of like-minded people in Canada, let alone in other countries. They are now part of this community that is creating a movement to use business as a force for good, to make government more responsive to its citizens, and to enable each and every one of us to make #changefromwithin in whatever way we can.

The “community of the willing” is people that don’t talk about the changes that are needed; it’s people that are willing to put everything on the line to tackle issues as complex as climate change and government accountability. They are willing to find alliances in unlikely places and to ultimately put their jobs on the line for what they believe.

These newest SSE Fellows are now armed with tools and resources but most importantly, a community for as the Somali proverb says “Be a mountain or lean on one”.

Congratulations to the SIF Class of 2016-17. A “Fellowbration” graduation event will take place on March 28. Please write if you would like to attend.