New Leadership Structure for the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario

23 Mar 2023

From Marjorie Brans

I am thrilled to announce that Chryssa Koulis (SEF’13) has taken on the role of co-Managing Director for SSE Ontario. In addition to her role as Director of Business for Good, Chryssa is now responsible for:

  • Liaising with our Steering Committee, other SSE schools, the League of Intrapreneurs, and the public
  • Systematizing our operations
  • Handling our financial growth
  • Overseeing our learning programs

This change comes as we transition out of the founding phase, and into our next stage of development. Over the holidays, I reflected on what was most needed now and concluded that the operational management of the School would be in great hands with Chryssa at the helm. Chryssa is perfectly positioned to take on this expanded role: in addition to her role as Director of Business for Good, she has informally played the co-managing director role for quite some time, and it’s only appropriate that her title now reflect that reality. SSE Central, SSE Ontario’s Steering Committee, and its staff enthusiastically support this leadership transition.

For me, this change means I can concentrate my attention on a few areas and special projects. As Co-Managing Director, I will focus on creating content and delivering workshops in the Unlearning Program, managing our SELECT climate change program activities, and collaborating with the CLARION coalition. I have great passion for these projects and feel I can add the most value in these domains. This transition alsoallows me to achieve another important goal: spending more time with my family.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Chryssa on her new role – we expect the next five years to be fabulous!

Learn more about Chryssa and her experience on LinkedIn.