SSE Canada is a school that operates on a “need blind” basis. This means we admit students regardless of financial background and ability to contribute to the costs of running the School. Your tax-deductible charitable gift helps ensure we can continue serving the most promising social entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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Why give to SSE Canada?

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Our program works

To change the small things, we help students change the things they do. But to change the big things, we help students change the things they believe.

At SSE, we prioritize helping students unlearn limiting beliefs of themselves, of their communities, and of the world. Click here for testimonials about the impact of our programs.

Multiple independent studies of SSE in the UK consistently show the SSE approach is effective. In a 2013 independent study by York University, the evaluators reported the following as strengths of SSE’s program in Canada:

  • Our hallmark “action learning” method
  • Character building
  • Supportive classroom environment
  • Subject matter expert sessions
  • High quality of mentors
  • Networking opportunities
  • Social impact learning


We matter

Since opening its doors in 2012, SSE Canada has worked with hundreds of students tackling tough challenges including:

  • Mass transit & city infrastructure
  • Environment/climate change
  • Harnessing the power of immigrants, people with disabilities, and low-income families
  • Violence prevention
  • Access to health services
  • Job creation for youth and immigrants
  • Health care reform
  • Sports
  • Non-profit effectiveness
  • Urban agriculture
  • Legal reform
  • Sustainable fashion

SSE students tackle society’s most complex and intractable problems and issues that affect all of our lives. By blending the values of social change and the tools of business growth and sustainability, our fellows stand at the cutting edge of creative ideas that make Canada a safer, more equitable, and prosperous province.

Our offering is unique

In Canada, we offer an unusual mix of assets to the SSE community:

  • Alternative methodology honed over 17+ years, proven effective through independent evaluations;
  • Focus on “un-learning” limiting beliefs and behaviours;
  • High-trust classrooms and hands-on learning;
  • Exceptionally diverse community, a rich environment for breakthrough thinking, and social solidarity;
  • Connection to a network of social innovators in five countries.

We serve all walks of lifeInfographic showing diversity of SSE students

Canada’s human potential for social innovation remains largely untapped: our educational, political, and economic systems are poor at recognizing and nurturing potential leaders from all walks of life.

SSE’s challenging task is to build bridges across societal boundaries as a means of preparing students for success in a complex, interdependent world. With individuals hailing from a wide array of ethnic, sexual, and socio-economic backgrounds, each class of passionate SSE students represents a veritable microcosm of Canadian society.

In SSE’s experience, many of the most inventive minds, especially people from low-income households, are largely ignored. With your support we can help shift the way society views these agents of social change. As it stands, nearly 25% of our students depend on public assistance, while 40% are not able to make a significant contribution to the costs of running SSE programs.

Your money is safe.

SSE is a project of MakeWay, a Canadian charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), BN: 130560188 RR0001. MakeWay is accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards Program that recognizes charities and non-profits for excellence in governance, management, and transparency.

How to give?


Donors who sustain the School with monthly gifts are known as “Give Every Month” (GEM) donors. SSE Ontario counts on monthly donations to be able to plan ahead effectively, knowing that we will have the funds to invest long-term in our students. To become a GEM, click here.


By cheque made out to MakeWay Charitable Society.*Please mark “Donation to SSE Ontario” in the memo section. Send to: MakeWay, 400-163 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H5. Official receipts will be mailed by MakeWay within a few weeks.


Donate online here.