This summer, choose your own Social Change Adventure and change the rest of your life.

The traditional skills and knowledge that most of us gained in school have inadequately prepared us to manage the professional and personal challenges of the 21st century. Our planet is changing; technology is creating and destroying industries overnight; and our careers are evolving into a series of short gigs.

Emerging leaders of the 21st century must develop a host of entrepreneurial competencies including dealing with uncertainty, personal re-invention, critical thinking, and creativity. Summer School at The School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario offers you an opportunity to develop your “entrepreneurial” mindset, develop 21st century skills, and build the networks that will help you better the world through your own social venture or from within your workplaces. What will your social change adventure look like?

Who Should Join Summer School?

The award-winning School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario is a leader in helping entrepreneurs start and grow ventures aimed at creating positive social and environment change. We also work with intrapreneurs, change agents who advance social and environmental goals through their professional networks and workplaces. But what if you’re not sure what path to take?

At Summer School you get to design a unique learning experience based on your interests. If you know you want to start your own social venture, then you can choose elective sessions that are geared at social entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurial life doesn’t suit you but you still want to find a way to create positive social and/or environmental benefits from within an existing organization then you can focus your learning through electives designed for social intrapreneurs. If you’re not sure which path you want to take or want to learn it all, that’s fine too. This summer, you are in control of your learning journey.

What Do You Get?

SSE has a finely-tuned, and award-winning approach to supporting social change leaders.  Our program includes:

  • A self-directed, and creative learning environment;
  • In-person sessions with experienced social innovators and subject matter experts who will help you learn about topics like social impact, human-centred design, systems thinking, innovative business models;
  • A selection of elective sessions delivered both in-person and through online tools;
  • A mentor that has been carefully selected for you;
  • Personalized coaching to help you tackle complex problems through our hallmark Action Learning approach; and,
  • A dynamic network of fellow social innovators in Canada and around the globe through the SSE alumni community and through our involvement in the League of Intrapreneurs.
  • Alumni discounts on short courses and workshops.

Elective Sessions:

This program allows students to create their own unique learning experience by choosing the elective sessions that best suit their needs as social intrapreneurs or social entrepreneurs. Elective sessions will be offered in-person and/or by webinar. To achieve the Associate Fellow designation, students must complete at least 6 electives (18 hours) between the start of the program and December 1, 2017.

The schedule of elective sessions will be provided to students on the first day of class but we often will adjust our offerings to best meet the needs of our students. See a sample of the sessions that are already planned: Summer School Sample Electives

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$1,999. Financial assistance available for students who qualify (once accepted into the program).

Key Dates:

Applications open May 15, 2017
Invitations to participate Starting June 5, 2017
Sessions 1 & 2 June 20 & 21, 2017
Sessions 3 & 4 August 15 & 16, 2017

Summer School Fellowship is FULL!

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