B.R.A.V.E.(R) Through Unlearning

BRAVE(R) through Unlearning is about creating the internal mental conditions for effective action.

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This workshop is being offered as part of the Skoll 2020 Virtual World Forum


BRAVE(R) through Unlearning is both about creating the internal mental conditions for effective action and focusing on personal and professional practices in social change work. Whether we are changing ourselves or changing the world, the work starts with us.

Are we asking ourselves the “right” questions? Are we willing to let go of ideas no longer serving us? How do we shift our worldview to respond to current conditions? 

A framework developed by SSE Fellow Jermaine Henry, B.R.A.V.E.(R) stands for Bold Real Awkward Vulnerable Expressive (Response). BRAVE(R) spaces create the conditions for us to be compassionate, honest, and vulnerable about our experiences so we can all grow together.

What is Unlearning? 

Unlearning is about changing our conception of how the world works and could work. Unlearning is a skill that allows us to see past our socially conditioned worldview to one that opens up a new universe of possibility.

In the personal sphere, participants unlearn thought patterns that hold them back, like “I’m an imposter if I think I’m a leader.” In the interpersonal sphere, participants examine the ways they relate with people from distant socio-economic, professional, or political backgrounds. And in the societal sphere, participants explore radically new approaches to collective social problem solving.

Unlearning is a practice of asking generative questions like: Have we defined society’s goals too narrowly? Are we underestimating the potential of whole categories of people and institutions? Are we individually capable of achieving what we deem unthinkable for ourselves?

About Jermaine Henry

Jermaine Henry speaking at microphone

SSE Fellow Jermaine Henry is a published author, inspirational speaker, emcee, master facilitator and social entrepreneur who has worked in the philanthropic, mental health, youth-serving, arts, culture and social innovation sectors for over 10 years.

His work has been published in the North American Journal of Psychology and he has been featured in the Toronto Metro newspaper for his work with Brave Spaces.

Jermaine has worked with many organizations and foundations across Canada, such as the School For Social Entrepreneurs, Toronto Arts Council, CMHA,The New Mentality, Inspirit Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation – Youth Opportunities Fund, Youth Social Infrastructure Collaborative, Centre for Social Innovation, YouthREX, Algoma University, York University and more.

Jermaine’s passion is in inspiring people to express their stories through his journey of struggle and success, while promoting freedom, love and equity. He’s a co-founder of the Young Leaders Circle and co-owner of THE HEARD, founded by the late, great Jordon Veira in 2010.

Who’s invited?

Leaders from the community arts and social entrepreneurship to tech and real estate. People from different abilities, genders, sex, religion and race. Change agents, people who want to improve their own or others lives.


It’s important for change agents to have a space to explore ideas, emotions and uplift each other to equip us for the uphill battles we face everyday.


April 1, 2o20 (no, this is not an April Fool’s joke!)

3:00pm – 4:00pm BST (10am EST)

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