Testimonials Graphic

100% of survey respondents recommend SSE Ontario.*

Here is what our participants and partners are saying about us:

“I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for what, upon personal reflection, was the best professional experience of my career.” –Ian Howatt, participant in an SSE intrapreneur program

“An absolutely fantastic two days. From the Business Model Canvas workshop to the stunning Rafa Rafa [simulation] and everything in between, all superbly facilitated, you made Students for Social Impact LaunchPad far exceed our expectations.” —Elizabeth McCallion, British Council

“Your team was amazing, the logistics all well sorted out, the session prepared very well and the participants activated in a very sustainable way and I feel like…there will actually be a long term visible outcome and connection!” –Anne Merkle, BMW Foundation

“I have done a lot of post-secondary education: two degrees and many residencies and other learning experiences.  I can say unequivocally that [SSE] has been the best learning experience I’ve had. I feel personally transformed.” —Robert Labossiere, SEF’14

Today I realized how big an impact you all have had on me and shaping me to be in a place where I was able to prove to myself that I was right, that I could put my money where my mouth is.” –Maggie Prout, SEF ’15

“I just wanted to take this time and thank you 100%. Both SSE and CEE [an SSE delivery partner] have helped to open doors I was too afraid to walk through and that to me means a lot. I see you all as inspiration and mentors whom I truly hope will continue play a key role in my life, vision and journey.” –Darren Brown, SIF ’15

“This experience IS life changing and very conducive to LIVING on purpose!  It is not that we have changed so drastically in as much as we are better versions of ourselves and closer to our destiny…..this is just the beginning.” —Natalia Savone, SEF ’14

“I have grown to find who I truly am and I really really like her.” —Lynda Watson, SEF ’14

“My ‘ah ha’ moment shined here: Everyone can win! It…doesn’t have to be a win-lose scenario. I really hadn’t made that connection in my thinking before and I will bring this with me in everything I do going forward.” –Participant in an SSE corporate training


*Based on surveys of graduates of the Social Entrepreneur Fellowships of 2013, 2014, and 2015